Dance Leader List


You can sort the table below by any of the columns:  First, Last, or City / State.

You can also type anything in the search box to find a match.  For example, Type in the name of your favorite dance leader and see if they’re registered for the convention.  Or type in a state abbreviation and see which leaders are coming from that state. 

(Be aware, the software matches EVERY instance of a text string.  If you type in GA, you’ll get all the dance leaders from Georgia, but you’ll also get everyone named “GAil” and “GAry” too.)

There IS a solution to that specific problem!  To the far right of the search box is a down arrow.  If you click that, it’ll ask you in which columns you want to conduct your search.  You can uncheck First and Last and leave just name.  Then, when you type in GA and hit search, you’ll have much better luck finding just GA callers.